Auto Servicing in Mount Holly, NC

Replace your car’s spark plugs regularly. The air and fuel mixture will burn cleaner and more efficiently. Improve the intake/output system. By allowing gas to get in and exhaust to get out of your vehicle you will improve the vehicle’s overall performance and gas mileage. Reduce friction. Use high-quality or synthetic motor oil. Check your oil! Low oil makes your engine work harder. Change your filters. Dirty filters can sometimes increase the amount of fuel your vehicle uses by as much as 10 percent. Keep tires properly inflated and aligned. Check regularly to ensure your tires are fully inflated and your alignment is good. Get regular engine tune-ups and car maintenance checks. A lot can go wrong with a car. Damaged spark plugs or transmission problems can also contribute to poor gas mileage. Call Loftins Tire and Automotive Service at 704 830 1638 for a full check up We service Cramerton, Belmont and Charlotte as well with the following services: Carrying on the family tradition Loftin’s Automotive continues to provide the following services: Auto Repair Shop Brake Shop Auto Air Conditioning Repair Computer Diagnostics Auto inspections Brake Repairs Tune ups Oil Changes Transmission Repairs New Tires.

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