“This is a good and honest man he has dun work 2 car’s of mine and it’s hard to find someone that won’t cheat you out of your hard earned money if you don’t really no a lot about cars and how much money it is to get it fixed this is ware you to go.”
Lee Barnett

“The guy that works there seems a little shy but once you talk to him he is so nice and seems to just open right up. He stays pretty busy, but I always try to give him my business over any where else.”
Shannon Q. Wake Forest, NC

“A Family Atmosphere With Kindness, I Was There For A State Inspection! I Didn’t Have To Wait Longer Than 15 Mintues!”
Amanda Armstrong

“The team at Loftin’s Automotive is top notch! They have fast, knowledgeable service and they are the most honest mechanics around! They have been services both of our cars since the beginning of this year and I won’t take them anywhere else!”
James Capozzi

“Bennie and Tim are excellent and friendly automotive mechanics. When we had older cars, we always took them here for repairs. With our newer cars, we go here for their annual inspections.”
Jim Antley

“Loftin’s does great work at a fair price. The owner takes his time to explain the repairs needed. Each time I take my car in they do high quality work. I am completely satisfied with Loftin’s. I will continue to take my car to them and highly recommend them to anyone needing service or repairs on their vehicles.”
Lisa Barr

“This place is great. I went to Loftin’s Automotive for an oil change and a possibly a new oil plug. Was told by a previous shop that my oil plug threads were damaged and that I needed a new oil plug or my oil pan my be damage as well. I didn’t want to go back to that previous shop b/c I felt like they were trying to deceive me and make extra money. Mr. Loftin change my oil and check the plug and nothing was wrong with my oil plug or oil pan. Fastest oil change ever and nothing was wrong with the bolt or plug. I definitely will visit his shop whenever I need an oil change or anything car related. Honest mechanic.”
Jerica Bradley

“I was in the Loftin’s auto shop when Mr.Griffin came in with his mr2.Tim brought the car in and looked it over with Mr. griffin. He (Tim) told Mr. Griffin that he had rather not get involved with the vehicle because of the work the MR. Griffin had already performed, swapping an engine and transaxle from a front wheel drive celica to the mid engine rear wheel drive mr2. Tim expressed concerns with the tight fit and placement of different sensors and components. Mr. Griffin wanted Tim to address an issue with the 02 sensors, because of the engine swap the original wiring harness wouldn’t reach. Mr. Griffin wanted Tim to make a repair that he (Mr. Griffin) had read on an internet forum. Tim warned that it was just a “bandaid” Mr. Griffin was persistent that the repairs be made. Tim made it clear throughout this whole process that any repairs would be bandaid repairs because the engine, computer, and wiring of the car were not meant to work together. Tim Loftin is as direct and clear cut as possible with his parts and repair policies they are posted in the lobby and in the shop and very clearly worded. There is no question that you will receive nothing less than exactly what you ask from Loftin’s automotive.”
Matt Leonard

“I went to repair the brake of my car in Loftin’s Tire & Automotive Service. What I noticed in them is truly praiseworthy. They are easy and less costly than the another one in Gastonia,NC. I got reliable and credible work done. Good customer service and scheduling. Technicians are friendly and honest.”
Clarence Theorgy

“I needed my brakes repaired so I went to Loftins tire and automotive service. They were the best price around and were able to take my car that day. My car was done in a few hours and my brakes work so much better now. Very happy with the people that worked on my car. I plan on taking it here from now on.”
Hailey Bay

“Go here! I went to another auto repair shop and was VERY discouraged at the high prices…so, I went to Loftins tire and automotive and I am SO glad I did. They are very nice, super honest with you and a lot cheaper than anywhere I have gone to in the past. I highly recommend them for all auto repairs. The owner is so nice and makes your experience in dealing with your crappy car so much better!”
Stuart Gill